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Chase for Happiness

The chase for  Happiness….

Happiness I believe is the ultimate goal,the reason, the season. It’s a choice and also by chance.
Last weekend while me and my husband were planning for summer break trip, hearing our conversation my four year old son all tumbling and giggling said ` Mumma I would be more happy  if you will buy play station for me, I would be much more happy with that rather than going to a trip abroad.
That very same afternoon I met a friend of mine who these days is busy with meeting prospective brides and also tired of meeting practically every so called eligible girl whose name came wandering by his parents ears, while moving to our so called serious talks he said he wants to marry someone who he would be HAPPY with.
I was mystified, floored up with their idea or state of being happy.life moves fast. There is so much going on each day one after the other that at times i feel we are merely breathing. My very loving husband truly feels that ” happiness is a state of mind ” what I have seen so far is happiness little depends on circumstances and more on choices.
I have met some happiest people in the poorest of places and also have met many wealthy people who are incredibly happy and few who are just not. We struggle , we burn ,we learn to get it , that little thing called happiness. 


Happiness is of course in all those things like buying a new car or a house or may be a promotion but it’s much more in those little things.I guess instead of fighting, struggling over the things that don’t go our way we should accept that worrying won’t change things so why waste time spinning that wheel. Staying happy would be better anyway.


Happiness is when you and your bestie  get drenched in the rain and enjoy the comfort silence bring. Happiness is a call from a lost old friend. Happiness is certainly not in the office meeting but in the short coffee breaks. Happiness is buying new heels ( isn’t girl’s) happiness is a beautiful smile from your secret crush . happiness is a bike ride with your friend and loving and feeling the breeze.

Happiness is nothing but a state of mind.

        We wait 
                all week for fridays,
               all year for summers,
               Exams to get over,
              To get that damn promotion,
              To meet our date ,
             To buy that new car, that new house….
            All our life for somthings thats within us…



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