Relationship & Stories

Life, love & little more…..

There are so many things we wish for, so many moments that at some point of time remained unfinished. Moments which could have changed things in life forever. Moments which could have made life little more lovely, little more beautiful, IF….
 Sitting by the window side, sipping the hot cuppa of tea, the smell of winters evoked nostalgic memories of life gone by…,
Shalini was lost in her own world thinking, recalling that day
30th August 2000, the day she began to dip her toes into love and the same day she came out of it…

30th August 2005 :”Here is the toast to the lovely couple On completing 5 years of eternal love and 5 years of togetherness” said Abhishek. Everybody raised into the air with a glass of wine smiling towards Shalini and Dhruv wishing them lifetime love & happiness together.
Shalini and Dhruv were happily married couple, were believed to be truly , deeply in love and tonight was the celebration of their 5th anniversary.
The sky was full of shimmering stars and the lights were dim, the songs began and the voice of Bryan Adams filled the room with just so perfect  aura. Amidst all the celebration, there she was lost and silently gazing the sky. Little the outside world knew the inside tale, Shalini was too tired to fake that smile anymore, tired of all that was so unreal..
She was all surrounded by lies of her and Dhruv’s relationship. She never spoke about the pain that Dhruv gave of sharing a night with someone, his one night stand broke the thread of their relationship. She was shattered, and broken like being underwater and not able to breath.  Over the years she had build her life with someone she trusted, cared and then with the blink of an eye, it was all gone. There marriage survived all but love, love was lost in that one night stand of Dhruv….,

Heartbreaks have no remedy and their relationship turned out to be sour. It was hard to move forward and harder to stay back. For some good , some bad Shalini left leaving behind everything she created, everything that created her…
Betrayal is the most painful thing in the relationship. The relationship irrevocably changes whether you decide to stay or move out of the relationship. It tears the world apart…


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