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Love Soured # that story …

In continuation with Love Soured. ..Part 1

Aakash was drowning and was loosing all sense of reality. Before it was the craziness, the love that blew his senses. Now, it was the pain ,the agony of drifting away from Ruhanika that was making him void.
It’s been three months since she has gone but Aakash was still hanging on the strings of hope that Ruhanika would be back again. Passing from those lanes,exhaling the smoke, puff after puff, he wanted to loose all that was in his head. But still, everyday after his work, he looked for her at every place that witness their love..those India Gate lanes, that Cafe coffee day and above all of them the place he missed most was his own place , where for hours and hours they had cajoled, loved and embraced each other…
Ruhanika was lost like she never existed. Aakash was shattered,he was not able to accept that she loved him, she promised him and then she was gone, gone just like that..

Everyday he asked himself
   Why did she left me, as I cry
                   Why did she promised to stay with me,
                           If she has to wave goodbye…

But, as they say nothing last forever,neither the good, nor the bad. Yet again the winds of change were set to blow. Aakash was a true taurian and swore by Mr. Paulo Coelho’ s words that “when you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it “
It  wasn’t another weekend and Aakash saw Ruhanika again, right there where he saw her for the first time. India Gate was truly magical and  indeed it proved again to be just more than a monument. He couldn’t believe his eyes, was it the smoke effect or was it really her. He was a thrilled with joy ,his happiness knew no bounds. She still looked the same beautifully beautiful… For him,  it wasn’t only the way she looked, it was much more, her aura,her eyes ,her smile that was only for him. He rushed towards the other side of lane where he saw her standing, for this time he didn’t want her to get lost in the crowd, this time he didn’t wanted to let her go. But as his eyes met Ruhanika’s , his world came to a stand still , he took a back step for all he saw was Ruhanika, what he missed to notice was the vermilion on her head and her hands holding someone’s hand. Truly he was in cannabis effect.

( This post is in line with IndiSpire Prompt # that story )


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