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Double Trouble :Is it worth having an extra marital affair # Fall in love

How could I do this??? How ? Perplexed and amazed she was…

The winters of Delhi always evoke a beautiful smell. Sipping her favorite cappuccino, standing in the balcony , Shail was waving down to Dhruv but was lost in her own world. Dhruv was leaving for work and here she was ready to be embraced by loneliness and boredom..Shail was married for five years and her better half was a busy man,typical workaholic but he always loved and cared for shail. He gave Shail everything but time. Over the years, love was lost somewhere between them. Shail though, always knew Dhruv’s passion for work but little did she knew she will fall for someone, someone who was long gone forgotten.  She didn’t knew her world will be divided between Dhruv and someone. She never thought that someday, after so many years she will fall in love with him, one more time. 
She didn’t realized when she dipped  herself into love, leaving everything behind.
She met him a year back , in a book store. At the very first glanced the spark was ignited again. She knew he is the one, the inseparable soul, who would take her miles and miles apart from humdrum and doldrums…. And SO…after that she started meeting him everyday, every single day at her place right after Dhruv left for work..
Since then shail was altogether a different person, all she use to think about him, the times she had spend with him. I was surprised with the change i saw in my friend Shail . How could the plainest of all , Shail could do so …
Now Shail  felt happy when Dhruv came late from work, so that she can spend more time with him.. She started calling Dhruv to ensure what time he plans to come back so that she can be with him a little more..she started liking the way he smell, the way he rest on her laps, the way her face is always so close to him. Her lost love took her to the new world of imagination, to new fantasies. One day, he would take her to the world of lust and some other day she would travel with him to the path of spirituality. Whatever it was , she loved him every way.
But then …
The otherwise so busy Dhruv felt the change in his beloved wife. He felt she was spending less time with him. He tried to tell her politely but she choose to ignore. Somewhere in her heart, Shail knew she was changed. She now felt sad for her husband. She tried to come back  but now it was a full time affair. She was so involved that now she wanted to plan her future with him.

 Shail is little depressed.. She wants to come back as the one she was for Dhruv but at the same time she don’t want to loose her love again. She needs help from those who are reading her story or are travelling in same boat . she don’t want to ignore Dhruv but she can’t leave her love..who was always there for her anytime, anywhere
 YES her old lost Love ..Her BOOKS…HER NOVELS, which after marriage was lost. 
YES, it’s that smell of books and the world of Imagination she don’t want to be out of…it’s all those stories she had fallen in love with, yes with all her senses one more time.. 
( This Post is written for With all your senses fall in love – one more time # Fall in love)


22 thoughts on “Double Trouble :Is it worth having an extra marital affair # Fall in love

  1. Awesome write up, really its mind blowing. very nicely presented, loved reading it a lot.
    addiction to books is really one of the biggest addictions, much bigger than love, i have gone through such addiction, i think shail should carry on her extra marital affair…


  2. Mansi Mittal…..May be this is a true story.
    I can understand the attempt and desire to maintain the original relationship,the force of new bond is no less.
    There is a great confusion and thought to find out which relation should be continued and how to deal with marital first relation.The answer is not that simple nor straightforward as well.
    I shall go for new relation and terminate the marital previous one.
    Having said this, I would suggest to be ready and prepared for accidental (or otherwise with no reason) end of this new relation as well.
    Ultimately it is ones own life and pleasure that matters,nothing else.
    Congratulations for this post.


  3. Thank you so much for your views on same, you are right in saying that Shail is in big fix however breaking the marital cord is not that easy,the attachment,the pain involved is not easy to let it go. Also at times our own life and pleasure are so much connected with others. Thanks again for stopping by.


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