Sex..the hush hush affair..

Don’t castrate,
 But educate. – Himmilicious..

So all eye balls right here… Well the word alone is enough to raise the attention. We all are becoming modern family going on all girl’s trip to partying with our children, Good hai!! But SEX, hooo !!! how can we talk about that with our children, we have some values right??? wrong.
The other day I went to meet my friend Devyani and in between our chit chats I asked her 17  years daughter ‘ what is her opinion about Sex. Her not so urban mother immediately gave her the go inside look and she giggling like a 3 year old went. Obviously my loving friend was not looking so happy with me talking about the word S..
BUT WHY???? I always wonder why. Why we don’t want to talk about it? Why is it a taboo?? We all do it, we share the so called non veg jokes ( well I also wonder why they are said NON VEG jokes ). She can let her darling daughter read Mills & boon, the dear daughter can watch adult movies and flip channels while  mummy is around but no sex talks, why?? Why can’t we educate them ( OK , here I don’t mean teaching them how to do it , but how to go for it RESPONSIBLY )

If I go by facts , we are a country of 1.2 billion and also the 5th largest country watching porn but terribly poor in educating our children. So can we just grow up and understand that when they hit puberty their inquistiveness about the outside world and the opposite sex is just a part of their growing up.I think before we get into the sorry  situation let’s teach them so they learn the facts, set boundaries for themselves. Also we will be able to avoid rape, molestation, child abuse, early pregnancy …
I don’t want it to be a gyan  session but yes thanks to the Google baba and growing awareness here are few books to help you and your  anxious one’s..
1. What’s happening to my body by Linda Madaras ( age 11-15 ) : it’s a perfect book to teach your young boys and girls about their growing up.
2. SEX by Nikol Hasler ( age 16+ ) : this book will make you leave all your awkwardness behind and will help your older kids to grow responsible towards sex.
Let’s stop being ill informed…


22 thoughts on “Sex..the hush hush affair..

  1. Ha ha ha … This is so True! We are one of the biggest hypocrites. We all do it, but we will pretend as if we all are Sanyasis and the 'S' word is a big sin. Such mindset causes youngsters to scramble whatever right/wrong information they can get from internet, and sometimes (or many times) instills unreasonable thoughts and fancies in them.


  2. Dear Mansi, you have very aptly raised the much debatable topic, and I absolutely stand for your argument my friend. It's high time that we need to open up about sex education, be it our children or our friends who are caught up in the unawareness!


  3. I am really glad Jyotika that we are on the same page. Seriously it's high time we need to be open and talk about it. They are so inquisitive, and as they say little knowledge is always a dangerous thing. So educate Thanks for stopping by.


  4. Actually with the age every one have there own fantasies and what's wrong in teaching them . we are quite happy in our own world assuming no one knows nothing but the digital world is teaching them all. But as you rightly said we are the biggest hypocrites


  5. There is a lot of sex jokes and explicit imagery in the TV programmes and films that kids watch every day along with their parents. Twenty years back what was classified as porn and found in magazines is now mainstream. However, people in India haven't grown up. I know of one case a girl was experimenting and her parents found that she was 5 months pregnant. Lack of sex education is a big problem.


  6. This is what exactly happens, so much curiosity and little knowledge make them experimental and result is exactly what you are telling. I really don't understand the harm of talking with them about this. Thanks for your views on the same.


  7. It reminds me of book osho had written. The more you suppress, greater it becomes! In current times hiding or running away will not help, there’s Google baba for anyone and chances are some one might find wrong stuff. It’s our duty to lead kids to right place. I’m sure books are great way to begin. great write up


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