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Change : The only thing constant

Since the evolution, change has been the only constant thing. Life changes everyday ,every moment  and for every person. Seasons change, in order to  grow up and evolve we change, even the beauty of winter last year changed this year.We all go through changes, whether a simple change of rain pouring or a bigger change. Every one of us have our own way to deal with the change.

How many of us happily welcome the change???

 I have always found it onerous to accept, irrespective of its goodness or solidity. I remember the times when even changing of sitting arrangement was such a big change for me. I always  took time to accept the change and adjust to new surroundings and people. You know how it is like moving out of your closet ,coming out from your cocoon ,not that I am a standof fish kind of person but still change is a change is a change. But yes , I am blessed soul, changes have always beem kind to me, yeah you have been really great to me.

I know changing of partner in school days gave me little time with my bestie  but then in this entire sitting arrangement process , I made many friends so change acha tha!!!  Moving away from home to hostel was a sea change ,mommy , home cooked food and everything readily showered on you, was such a life but then the change taught me to handle things on my own and introduced me to a new me..( I had so much qualities I never knew 😜). So, change acha tha. Then was the another phase of life where waking up with a bed tea and newspaper was replaced by kettle in hand( yeah you guessed it right being married phase) but then this shift introduced me with my partner for life, my very dear husband. This change was surely acha, in fact quite acha!!! 

So many changes so far have been quite alluring. Ofcourse, to say change is always acha will not be true because there are few on way which,we never wanted but had to accept ….

But with the growing  time I have learned to accept and embrace the changes. Like my recent change in the list is moving from BLOGGERS to WORDPRESS, which was the need of hour now.Initially I was quite hesitant to move out of my comfort zone  where everything was so familiar like easy to manage templates ,layout . BLOGGER to me was like mommy ,where my baby blog was born ,with simple ,easy guide but now that the baby is spreading it’s wing ,it need to grow and evolve.so now my blog has a new address . It has shifted from

      Lyflikedatmansi.blogspot.in to https://lyflikedat.wordpress.com .

Do stop by ,you will find more ways to express, share and interact.

Truly kuch change ache hote hai for

” if nothing ever changes ,there would be no                                                                                                                           butterflies”.


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