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Letter to the Man I call : My Husband 😘..


Marriage, like everything else in life, cannot be taught until you experience.  Sometimes it’s beautiful, sometimes hurtful…. 

It’s long overdue (since our Anniversary). It was there always with me in my thoughts, finally my feelings are shaping into words…
Trust me I am always short of words while expressing to you, while expressing about you and so the  only thing i end up saying is that  I love you!!! 

Seven years ago, we became husband and wife and since the day we  began our journey, you have been my pillar of strength. It’s one of the best day we have experienced together and surely one that we both will treasure forever.
Some days i feel like our wedding was decade ago, while other times it just feel like thing of yesterday.  I know i never said this before but i am thankful for the Mauritius trip, the time we had…

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