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The Ultimate Enigma


He is an adorable prankster, a supreme, blissfully, lofty lover. ¬†He is the one who can make every women skip her heart beat. ¬†He is also a diplomat, a warrior and a perfect planner. ¬†Such a perfect being, who he could be. My imagination or a mere illusion, Na na.. He is a mischievous butter stealer, yeah that’s how I could best define him.. Krishna.. The ultimate enigma.. I know janmasthmi is long ¬†gone ¬†and vignaharta ganesh is on way but this janmasthmi I learned a lot from krishna, also there is little I want to unlearn about him.

A friend ¬†in need, in today’s tinder world where relationships are made or broken with just a swipe away, krishna’s ¬†friendship with Sudama taught me the beauty of relationship, ¬†how important it is to hold relationship,to be always accessible and responsive, ¬†to be there apart from the whatsapp buzz or liking Facebook updates . I know we are lot busier than ever before but calling a lost old friend, who was once the part of our life or meeting with our best buddies can always create more happiness. ¬†Trust me it feels great to help, to hear when someone need you.

Solahkala sampoorna, Krishna is regarded as solah sampoorna which means he had various qualities and knowledge of several art. ¬†He was a master flute player, accomplished charioter. Okay I can, very well imagine few people laughing out loud and yeah I can’t be a poorna purushottam but yes we can surely ¬†take time out for a lost passion, ¬†a long forgotten hobby which was once the main agenda of our summer vacations. ¬† I know, none of us have time, we have 9 to 6 job, kids, home and yeah our digital social world.. But surely Hobby keeps the doldrums away and it takes us to new self.

Alright ¬†I know, ¬†I am sounding like a boring gyan session but seriously today we do the karma only with the iccha of Phal. ¬†I, too have bribed my little one that if he will behave well, he will be bribed with (read as reward) with his favorite choclates or super hero. ¬†We have totally moved our focus from our job only expecting and bothered by the outcome, which practically is not in our hands. ¬†I have lately practiced it and have experienced it ‘karmanya vadikaraste’.

Communicate and let’s just communicate. ¬†This has been personally my favorite lesson. ¬†Of late there have been little communication gap with my dear husband and yes with others too and( addha siyapa ye whatsapp kar deta hai!), I tell you this chatting which sends no emotion( yeah it’s emotions and not emoticons) ¬†create hell lot of confusion Since his childhood, krishna had resovle so many problems by just talking and talking. He had great convincing and communication skills. As a guide and ambassador, in the court of kauravs, several times he had avoided war between pandavas and kauravs. So the gyan is talk n talk, it surely resolves everything.

There is so much more that I want to pen down about the Ultimate Enigma but I can already see few heads scratching and yeah I have not changed my work and have no intentions to be a gyan guru.. Happy reading!!






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