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On Your 6th Birthday


And before I began, I just wanna say Mumma love you immensely.

It’s just another week to go, and you will be all 6 years old you know,

The memory of that day is  still bright in my mind, as if it just happened last night. Me and daddy were deliriously happy ,the joy of holding you was beyond words could express fully. But I won’t lie , the first few months felt like a roller coaster ride. At times the night felt so long, when you denied to sleep till the dawn. Changing of diapers and cerelac bites all this felt like a never ending tide but when I holded you tight,  everything felt completely alright . The mommy in me had realized that my little soul is growing by every night. Your first step , your first word was nothing but a true bliss. Watching you grow, letting you go made my heart pound a little more.

Then began the time of tension ,when everyday you came home with so much tantrums. The mess ,the quarrels sometimes lead me  into depression.

At times, I raised question on my own skill and realized parenting was not easy to instil. You were now growing into a big boy , preschool was a past and baseball, swimming were your new toy.

A seeker of facts,

A sword on your lap,

Hot wheels, by your side

is what defines your six ,perfectly right.

img_20160317_210850You bring so much so much joy honey bee.

Words of Wisdom

Dear Ashman,

Every parent have certain dreams and goals. I too, have some from you, for you ( but  I am surely not going to overload you with them.)

You are way too sensitive , you feel deeply, not everything will b nice and rosy . Accept it and move on. I know, when you will understand this letter , you will learn this too. I want you to Win some and loose some (that’s been the hardest part na baby , even loosing a game of scrabble) . World is not always easy place to be, we as a parent will always be by your side to guide you but you have to fight your own battle, so, I wish you medals and medals but empty hands too.  Share , share & share ( shh!! , again what are you talking mummy) but trust me baby this will surely help you in long run, you will surely feel contended. Do not live to make others happy, be your own self .You can be anything you want, like I have always said Dream and you will be that one day. At six, nothing more I want to say. work hard, play harder.

Ashman, you are naughty , moody, messy but above all this you are superb, my forever cause of ultimate happiness.

Be Your own self . Just be Ashman.


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