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No Trespassing Please…


Anybody who is punctilious about their daily regime can understand   how it feels when you have to rejig it, that’s exactly I felt when I had to move with not so good changes and that too for the entire week. I was forced to coop up and give a miss to my morning walks because of deadly diseases like Dengue, not that I was sick but then you know I truly believe in the quote “prevention is better than cure”. Any ways this gave me the opportunity to bask in the early morning view from my balcony, to enjoy the chirping of birds, sipping my favourite flavour of the day (which otherwise is such a luxury, phew !!) and yeah it also introduced me to a whole new version of Aristotle’s quote “Man is by nature a social animal”.

Lately, I realized that the species around me are quite social. They are those self-confessed breed of chacha- chachi, Bhaiya-Bhabhi and dadi for my little munchkin who often act as a well-wisher and keep poking their nose showering their advises on anything you can’t even think in your wildest dream. They will shower you with all the unbidden advises on how you should live your life, they are the one who will keep invading in your space with all their worldly wisdom on anything and everything. They will advise you on the right age of marriage, they will keep telling you how you are running pass of marriageable age set as per them, when you should have babies and if at all you have one, when you should plan your second and what a catastrophe a higher age difference can cause ( I presume , they are those highly qualified intellectuals or possess some divine powers , who can forecast your future and advice you even on the tiniest particle on earth).

One such specie is my next door neighbour Khuranaji and his very social wife khurana aunty , who use her social skills almost every morning while watering the plants ( such a multi jack she is, she takes care of nature and other’s business at the same time) she  also serve as a well- wisher to the entire neighbourhood.  They care so much for me that they never miss a chance to compare the growth of my little munchkin with other kiddies around ( such is her accuracy that the inch tape will fall apart, as I mentioned above they possess “so called” godlike power ) and then she will put me in shame by telling and yelling such a kamzoor bacha is my poor baby and how I am not feeding  my little one the right diet. On every gathering her only concern is when I am planning my second child, how wearing jeans will affect my genitals (Can you imagine) and she test my patience when she ask me why both of us work when we have a single child. I know today I am complaining so much …



I am not anti-social but then I am really sick and tired and glutted with such kind of people who keep invading my privacy . I can literally fill pages writing about people like Khuranaji but then I will not pass my vexation more to my readers that too when a long weekend is about to kick in. I will just put a pin that if you are ever in terms with below kind of people just ignore and ignore , it is surely  going to be blissful.

  1. Chaar log” whose sole objective is to talk about your life and hinder your privacy.
  2.   The one who suddenly turns into a match maker when the girl of the family turns 20.
  3. If you just got married , when are you going to bore a child .
  4.   If at all you are blessed with one, when are you going to plan for second.

And the list goes on. I am eagerly looking forward to know what are your tricks to handle such people .

Happy weekend , Happy Ganesh chaturthi and a very happy looking weekend to all of you !!!




8 thoughts on “No Trespassing Please…

  1. You correct. Many people are very nosey. They want to know how is neighbours daughter and daughter in law doing. Are they getting along. How much neighbours son is earning. This is irritating. But this becomes a norm in a society where we live cheek by jowl.

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