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Calm Sutra



“Happiness is a state of mind”, “Don’t let silly things steal your happiness”, Happiness is a choice and on and on and on……….

Everyone is looking for it in their own sweet ways. Someone is waiting for it in next promotion, somebody in that baby bump, somebody in that last seen of someone, someone in those morning walks. Par sab dhoond wahi Rahe hai KHUSHI!!!. Even my little munchkin is a worried soul. So, I thought why not share some worldly wisdom and help you find something which is just within you. I know at the end of the week; you guys are in no mood to listen to any gyan, par surely and shortly you are going to thank me …

So, whatever is the cause and effect of your problem, samadhan yahi hai bas…

Check, Check & Double Check, we all have that someone around us, jinke pass poori duniya ki samasyay hai, the smoky weather, rain or no rain, boss, colleague and what not. They always have zillions of reasons to worry and then hamari Mrs. Khurana is so worried about Times NOW with Arnab ji resigning and this Diwali too gave her reason to scowl (Diwali gift you see, all passed on items came to Mrs. Khurana)  . So, crux of the thing is few people no matter what are constant whiners…; Kick them off, shut your ears. Like the seasonal cold and flu, it too is very infectious. Catch the right infection; kill them with your SMILE, for Smile a while and while you smile another smile, there will be miles and miles of…absorb this by heart, soul, mind and body. Kill those negative people by simply ignoring them. If the negativity is spread by elements you can’t ignore like your creepy boss or that colleague or your mum in law, then trick is keep nodding your head to pretend you are listening and keep thinking about your fantasies.

Today Is the Day: kaal kare so aaj kar aaj kare so ab.., well said by saint Kabir. Looking for happiness when you will be promoted, looking for it when she will be online, waiting for that moment to be happy when…, well that when never comes. Believe it or not happiness is a state of mind, it is a choice and not a result, it will not come to you but come only from you…. There will be no tomorrow, so just seize the moment. Who knows kal ho na ho.(don’t just take it literally , bank balance important hai dearies, kuch pata nahi sab aaj hi udda do ) Once you will be promoted you will set the next target for yourself, you will look for that another time and then there will be another, another. Don’t get yourself trapped by conditions. The only rule that works in project happiness is today, aaj aur abhi and by myself, only it’s me, I who can ensure and decide when and what will keep me khush/happy.

 Create your own Joy: Most of the time we believe that our happiness depends on people and other thing (I agree that Iphone 7 will lighten my eyes too) but truly it is our own choice and we are responsible for it (I am not saying that Monday blues ko ignore karo but this Monday will come every week man ). There are few things in life we can’t resolve so why to crib about it (like our KRK , he never fails to check your patience with his tweets ) and the one we can resolve why to be tensed about it because that anyway will get resolved. Treat yourself…pamper yourself, do things which give you khushi…, shopping therapy actually works and for times when pockets are empty, window shopping hai na , start your day by listening to that song which never fail to create a spark , our Bollywood has given each one of us that song that we believe is just scripted for us.

My mantra for forever happiness is be calm, kisi ne apka bhala kiya by making you happy, you too pass on the right infection. It is easy to crib about kids, job, friends but then it is not going to resolve your problem. Pass on the joy, and it will come back to you.

Let’s begin the charity at home, pass on the joy with your valuable comments ( Oh!!did I just said that my joy is condition based ). Also,  please share what is your Calm Sutra Trick….




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