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The unpredictable Life

The beauty of life lies in its uncertainty and unpredictability. I think that’s what keep us sane but for some sanity lies within their planned zone. That’s what life for Ruhanika was, a Virgo by birth, mind and soul. No detail regardless of how big or small could escape her watchful eyes, all she believes was in perfection and that’s what Ruhanika did planned and organised even the tiniest particle of her life.

Life has been like a fairy tale dream for Ruhanika. Of course, it’s all because of sweat she has burn over the years. MBA from the institute she always dreamt of, placement exactly where she wanted to see herself and above all Dhruv, by his side. Like a typical Virgo, Ruhanika took her own time to be in relationship with Dhruv but when she decided to unlocked her heart, she did it with all her warmth and unconditional love. She seems to have all the luck and life couldn’t be better. After her placement, all she wished and dreamt was her life with Dhruv. Semester break was just a week away and she was thrilled with joy, for she had every reason to be joyous, after all it was her only sister’s wedding and this time she was going to talk with her parents about Dhruv. Like always she was true to her birth sign and she was all planned. There were just re runs in her mind of how she is going to convince her parents and it was all set.

She messaged Dhruv to meet,  the evening she was leaving for home and finally here was that evening, evoking the nostalgic feeling of the times she first met Dhruv. Walking hand in hand at India Gate, Ruhanika looked at Dhruv, there was always this twinkle of love in her eyes whenever she looked at Dhruv, a twinkle no lenses could ever capture and the feeling in her soul when she looked at him was beyond emotions could reflect. She told Dhruv that this time she is going to introduce him to her parents and then she asked him if he is ready. It’s been two years of togetherness and they have been on several dates before but never before she felt those butterflies in her stomach. Dhruv stopped while walking and looked at Ruhanika and with no exchange of words, he sealed it with a kiss, giving her a commitment forever.

Ruhanika looked at the sunset beam falling on her face and felt the divine intervention. Never, she felt more loved, more blessed, more fortunate.

The evening ended with Dhruv dropping Ruhanika at airport and promising to be at her sister’s wedding right on time.


 May be that’s what life is a wink of eye and winking stars …

Just before the day of wedding when ceremonies were in full swing, Ruhanika’s sister eloped with the guy her parents had disapprove of. Her parents were devastated and heart broken. Suddenly in the house of drums and drones there was a deafening silence. Relatives around asked her to sit in mandap, to save her parents from the painful feeling of humiliation and distress. She felt as if someone pulled the rug from under her feet. Dhruv’s face was flashing before her eyes. The memories of last evening was screaming in her mind. She was left with no choice but to bow down. She sealed and locked the love in the deepest corner of her heart and got ready for the wedding ceremonies. Never she felt so wretched, so unfortunate.

No matter how much you are planned and organised the only predictable thing about life is …its unpredictability.

(This post is written in line with  Indispire Prompt ,Life Unpredictable)


2 thoughts on “The unpredictable Life

  1. ohh!! I pity for Ruhanika and Dhruv. Though her sister’s love was as warm as their’s, it did come up with lot of and huge sacrifices.

    Very beautiful story! Awesome read! You have blend the story with perfect emotions and very well to the prompt. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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