Let the BOYS CRY…

‘ Stop Crying, Shhh!!!’, Boys don’t cry. I heard my Mumma murmuring to my little one when he fell. Though he was hurt but in few seconds he stopped crying. He was back to his action again and I am still wondering what were those golden words that his grandmother whispered.

                                                       Was his pain gone? I doubt

                              Were we telling him to hide his feelings & BE A MAN??

                                What does this statement mean Don’t cry like a girl?

 Intentionally or otherwise, we all have been a part of GENDER STEREOTYPING. Maybe we are raised in such a way that it has so much become part of us. We are born with certain discrimination, aren’t we? Remember 3 idiots, the movie stuck an instant cord with everyone, we all were rolled over laughing until our stomachs ached and in between all this was character of Boman Irani telling how girls should  only be doctors and boys will only be engineer. Read more



6 thoughts on “Let the BOYS CRY…

  1. Very logically analyzed,totally agree with you….gender should not define how the emotions should be expressed.
    we all are human beings and we all have some common emotions and we never can stop them to come out…this way or that way.


  2. Hi. Very well written.
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    Appreciate your help


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