Words of wisdom

Lesson’s I learned

Before I began my post I just want to thank Tomichan Matheikal   for such a good prompt. It instantly took me down the memory, to the lanes where I experienced the bitterness and sweetness of life.

Life surely is the biggest teacher. It is such an ongoing process that in every phase it teaches us something , but when I introspect , the one thing that I have surely learned over the years is to have Patience.

Patience to wait and learn 

                           that at the end everything will fall in place .

Sometimes I so wish I had that self awareness and understanding in my 20’s that I have now but then I understand that life comes with experience. I  remember those times when I was such  a restless soul  , waiting for something was like testing my patience ,relationship issues ,parting with collegues felt like the end of the world . But with the  time I realized that patience is the key. It really really pays.  Things will take its own time and being restless and anxious just create a volcona inside .

Here are my lessons :

Patience Pays :  Learn to have Patience, patience to wait and learn that at the end everything will fall In place. Everything takes its own sweet time.

Today is the Day : This is one thing I really swear by. There is no such thing as tomorrow . There are so many things which I thought I would do someday.  Someday I would go to mountains, someday I would meet those friends , well I am still waiting for that someday .So you might have heard this zillions of time but yes seize the moment, do it now.

There is a lesson in almost everything we do and the way we take those lessons, the way our spirits will enrich..

This post is written for IndiSpire prompt #life lessons.


14 thoughts on “Lesson’s I learned

  1. Patience, true.

    It’s a lot missing these days, specially on how people react on web. It definitely is a must possess property for each and every one. The post for the prompt could not have been better.. Nice read.. 🙂

    I follow the principle of “Today is the day”, almost everyday. 🙂

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  2. So glad you have learnt this lesson dear, I am still learning it, in the hardest possible way!Am a mother of two and this is self explanatory!
    The thing about relationships issues, parting with friends did seem like the end of the world… A nice sweet post! 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

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