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I thought, and thought a little more about the title but nothing  fitted well. So I left it wordless.

It’s a very short poem for that brave heart lady  who lost her better half. I don’t know how many are aware about the recent racist attack in USA, where a techie got killed leaving behind his better half. She every day asked him if it was safe to stay here anymore and he assured her every day that good things happen to good people. Though it has happened before many a times, I don’t know why but it affected me this time.


And when  you assured me that life was as sweet as honey,
And that we were safe and times ahead will not be gloomy,  
When you assured me that every thing is perfect and that my fears are baseless.
Just right then the bullet wounded not just you but my soul too..
Race, hate, terrorism, discrimination won.. You left leaving me in agony.

Here is link for information on this 

Times of India


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