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Colgate Magical Stories

The Universe is not made up of atoms. It is made up of tiny stories.

The Colgate magical pack instantly took me down the memory lane, in my childhood days reminding me of the times when along with my grandmother me and my cousins use to weave endless stories. You  know because my grandmother couldn’t run around with us, she use to tell us lot of stories and her favourite game to keep us occupied was “socho agar” ( Imagine If ). Yes that’s the game she created , she use to give us various situations and then would ask us to imagine and weave stories, like imagine if you touch the sky or imagine if we could grow a potato from a tomato tree and for hours and hours we would just imagine and create stories and laughed our heart out.

It helped us in more ways than one. It not only strengthen our bond but also enhanced  our creative thinking and imagination and yet again I got this opportunity to recreate the magic of imagination through Colgate. Colgate has come up this innovative pack of magical stories where in ,inside the pack they have one or the other theme. currently they have come up with space adventure ,where  they have provided various cut outs. I was thrilled to see this pack for the biggest advantage was learning while playing and the other one was to keep him away from the digital world.

And then we began creating our own space adventure….

My little munchkin and my niece were the astronauts .Mr. Orange and Miss Green .One day while they were working and chatting, they decided to go for a ride in their rocket. Wearing their space suits , they were so heavy now ( after all ,space suit weighs 127 kg with 13 layers of material Oh MY God ),they geared up for the Ride. Yuhooo!!!. After reaching they met many planets Sun, Jupiter , Mars and Venus. They were excited to reach Mars.


Mr. Orange, pointing finger at Mars said ” Look Miss Green that’s Mars.



MissGreen :oh who is Mars??

Mr. Orange : oh you don’t know Mars , It is known as red planet and we are trying to find a life here.


Miss Green was amazed to know that and she was planning to explore Mars . But then they had to go further. while moving on they met Venus. Mr. Orange again pointed at Venus

Mr. Orange : Look Miss Green that’s Venus.

Miss. Green : OH, HO ! now what is that ?

Mr. Orange : You don’t know that too ,well Miss Green, Venus is just like you, it keep rotating in other direction to most other planets.

Miss Green : Now Mr. Orange , you come after me I will show you.

And then she took Mr. Orange near the sun.sun

Mr. Orange : oh what is that Miss Green? I am burning like a hot ball of fire.

Miss Green : Yes ,it is a hot ball of fire ,just for you ,because you were teasing me.

And then in between all this fun, Mr. Orange saw UFO ,he suddenly asked Miss Green to be quiet and follow that UFO. but like always Miss Green was a curious Case. She asked Mr. Orange, whispering into his ears , what is UFO ?

Mr. Orange : Shhhh!! UFO is an unidentified flying object, it is suspected alien aircraft .


and then while they were whispering Miss Green Screamed loudly, at the highest pitch of her voice ( AAAA ….) pointing finger towards a green colour being , what is that? who is that? what’s in his hand ?

Mr. Orange : Miss Green , you just don’t worry they seems to be alien , they exist in other planets . I have a water gun and we will play holi with him. Let’s make him wet , let’s go Miss Green.

and then they ran behind the alien and poured colour on alien . After having all the fun ,they left their mark by hosting their flag and came back from their space adventure.

I would recommend this pack to every parent. Colgate not just protect our teeth since ages but now also gave us an opportunity to spend time with our little one’s in the most creative ways .

“I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalStories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.



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