Calmness, Chaos & The Change

Change is inevitable. It’s the only thing that is constant. Every day we go through so many changes. Then there are life changing events like work change, house, loss of closed one’s or parent’s getting divorced, not everyone has the skill to cope up with change specially kids.

Recently, because of job change we moved to another city. It was quiet a big change for my 6 years old. As right from the start he was living there, he had his friends there, his school, his little own world and above all moving to another city meant moving out of his comfort zone. Frankly I never thought it would be so difficult, for I believed kids forget and adapt quickly. We were a part of joint family. so, staying alone was another challenge. Initially he was delighted with the idea of moving to a new city ,getting his own room , the prospect of decorating a new house . but gradually it dawned to him that changing city would also mean a new school and making new set of friends. It also dawned him that he had to go through all these changes because of us, for which he blamed us. Also, he was not able to make new friends because of the language and cultural barrier which made him lonely and aggressive too. Suddenly from the king of his own jungle, he felt he was the part of herd. His aggression was often reflected by his behaviour. Getting cranky on small issues, watching TV all day, shouting on petty issues was his daily routine now. And it was all because of uncertainty, unfamiliarity around him.Read More


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