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Educating The Educated One’s

Educate girl child, Beti Padhao, “Padhega India tabhi Badhega India”. “If you educate a woman, you educate a nation” and so many initiatives are great step towards growing India. I swear by all of them. We have come a long way from purdah system to women making their career choices. We are progressing slowly but surely and it is all because of education and awareness.

But, I have a Question.

Does Education Really helps or is it just a mind-set?

Why I am saying this? Because there have been incidents which I have witnessed about our so called educated class where I have seen everything from domestic violence to girl child issues to dowry and what not. If anyone has gone through the recent horrifying case of domestic violence where the victim is an engineer with Apple and accused is a CEO with Silicon Valley. Link for Reference. Read More


6 thoughts on “Educating The Educated One’s

  1. Liked the way you have raised some important questions and presented it logically, it also surprises me whenever i see the parents of a daughter are much focused on the salary of the groom though in day to day life they give lectures about the importance of education.

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    • As I said , when it comes to action ,there are very les people. we still have that conservative mindset where only groom’s earning matter.

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  2. It is a valid question. Education is supposed to open horizon. People must learn to see things from a different perspective. Education is different from getting 99.99% in high school, getting into IIT or B – school, get a great salary, marry a beautiful girl. Then burn that girl for not bringing enough dowry, cheat government by not paying tax. This is not education. Moreover, in our quest for better life, we are neglecting softer aspect of like kindness, compassion, fellow feeling, humanity etc. Those without humanity, may be richest person in the world, but definitely not the most educated.


    • I am glad to know your perspective sir. we are truly loosing on factors like compassion, empathy. Degree is more important than knowledge .
      Thanks for sharing your views

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