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Evil Eye: Truth Or Misconception

We are growing and progressing in every way. With time, we have become more rational and scientific. We have less time to follow traditions or look for logic in everything. So, does the Evil Eye exist? Or ‘nazar lagna’ as we know in Hindi? Well, I truly don’t know. But I am not a believer in it. Was certainly not until I became a mother.

Last evening, my little munchkin fell and got hurt while playing. His eyes, all black and blue, had swollen. We rushed to the doctor and thankfully by God’s grace there was nothing to worry about. I and my husband heaved a sigh of relief. With few ice packs and a dose of painkiller, my son felt much better. Kids play, get hurt, forget about it and are ready to play again. It’s a routine, right? More on Parentous


One thought on “Evil Eye: Truth Or Misconception

  1. oh, yes yes. They happen at our home almost every other day. My kid feels happy looking at my mom moving her hands clockwise and anti clockwise.

    I do believe in positive and negative energy. It kind of feels good to follow the customs, knowingly or unknowingly. 🙂


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