EPI or NO EPI : All about Epidural

Right from the day we conceive, we are filled with choices, what to eat, what not to. To go there or not to go, which position to sleep and so many. As we get close to our delivery time, there is yet another choice knocking, which way to opt for pain relief delivery. Specially the first time mother’s to be are very anxious about several things, how much pain it will be, will I be able to bear the pain. There are two ways to relief pain medical and non- medical.

  • Non medical ways including breathing technique, massaging the back during labour and Cold packs.
  • While the medical way for pain relief are Nitrous oxide, Pethidine, and Epidural anaesthesia.

Nitrous oxide, known as ‘laughing gas’, is mixed with oxygen and administered to the mother through a face mask or a tube held in the mouth while  Pethidine is directly injected into the vein and it is a very strong pain reliever . usually morphine is injected.

Epidural anaesthesia is the most followed and effective way of painless delivery.

When I was expecting, six years back, my gynaecologist also briefed me about Epidural. I was not much aware back then, also my mother in law believed that epidural will create a problem for my child and she was like, “I had my deliveries all without them and this generation can’t even bear the pain”.  And because of that little knowledge I gave it a miss and went for natural way of massaging. To educate yourself right before your delivery is the most important thing to do, which I didn’t do then. So, here it is all about Epidural

So, what is Epidural? and Does it really give a painless delivery?  

Epidural has come as boon for many expecting mothers. it no more give shivers down the spine. Epidural is one of the most complicated yet popular method used by expecting mothers to relieve pain during labour. It is said to be a painless delivery. It is given when the contractions get strong and cervix is dilated to 5 cm An epidural is a form of pain relief during labour. It involves passing painkilling drugs into your spine through a fine tube. An epidural is an anaesthetic. drug which affects only part of your body, in this case your lower abdomen. The doctor inserts a needle in the spine, A fine catheter is then threaded through the needle, which is later removed. Next, a mixture of local freezing agent and a medication is piped in through the tube, causing numbness below the waist. (this entire process give me more jitters, is it really painless`)Read More at Mycity4kids


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