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The Fuss Surrounding GST

There is always resistance to change, positive or otherwise and how dangerous is partial knowledge I just realized

With the weekend close by, I called my friend to check if she is up for weekend shopping and fun. Her response took me by surprise. She said with things getting costlier, how can I even think about stepping out? Assuming that I live in my own fantasy land, she told me about GST and how it is taking the entire nation by storm with its implementation from July 1,2017. And it made me realize that there is so much of fake news, myths, and confusion around GST. Taking the full benefit of confusion around, brands too , left no stone upturned and came up with sale ,letting people believe that things would be way expensive because of GST and so people crazily indulged themselves into shopping . doesn’t it sound like Baigani shadi mei abdula deewana.

SO, what is exactly GST ? and how much is it  going to affect us  The Families , Mother’s , Women ?

GST is goods and service tax. It will be one single tax for the entire nation which means all other tax that is   CST, VAT, service tax, luxury tax , entertainment tax which are levied on different products and services  starting from the source of manufacturing, till reaching the end consumer will not be there. Until now every state has different tax structure but with implementation of GST things would be way simple. With our current tax system there was tax levied at every level right from manufacturer to distributor to retailer and by the time it reaches consumer the price of the product gets almost double but now it will not be the overall picture.Read More On Mycity4kids


One thought on “The Fuss Surrounding GST

  1. This is what I call it “concluding without analysis”… We often indulge in such things… As GST also, rumours spread regarding price of most of the things will be going to increase which is not the case actually…
    well written post… liked it… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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