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The Most Dreadful Sight

It was like any other weekday when I, along with my girl’s gang went out for some Us time. Sipping our favorite cappuccino, sharing our lives, talking about the Post GST Effect, we were having quiet a good time. Until my friend Akanksha’s husband called her up and asked her to reach her son Rohan’s school. The school authorities had asked to reach immediately. So, leaving everything behind I and Akanksha left for school. All through our way, her heart was pounding, she was fearful of what possibly would have gone wrong that school had called them immediately. She was quiet, anxious and was praying for the best of his son. We hurriedly rushed the school, where the guard directed us towards principal’s room. After reaching school, there was another shock when we saw police and few other parents. There was a kind of silence in that crowd, the kind of which is right before the storm. Seeing Rohan from a distance she breathe a sigh of relief. Heart in heart I also thanked God, he was not hurt. But there was now something  that shattered her.Read More


4 thoughts on “The Most Dreadful Sight

  1. Just read your post and it is very concerning that he’s taking LSD at such a young age. However, I just wanted to let you know of a few inaccuracy’s in your post. Either what you have been told about LSD is not true or they may have wrongly identified the drug he has been taking, which is even more concerning to be honest. This is based on what you’ve said. LSD is in actual fact not a dependency based drug. This means that it is not habit forming, unless it has been laced with another habit forming drug, in which case he is addicted to the drug that it has been laced with and not the LSD. So I would highly doubt that he is addicted to LSD as that’s simply not how it works. You’ve also stated that the high of LSD lasts up to 1-2 hours which is way, way off the mark. The typical LSD trip actually lasts for at least 6-7 hours before a gradual comedown making the entire trip last between 8-12 hours.
    I hope this doesn’t come across as an attack, it’s certainly not meant to be, but I believe the spread of misinformation about drugs needs to be corrected when possible as it can lead to people making decisions about very powerful substances that are completely wrong.
    All the best and I hope the situation with the boy is resolved in a loving way!

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