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I was a Coward and She Conquered : Veni Vedi Veci

Our Society is quick to judge people. We judge people with a drop of hat and label them so erroneously like if a woman is a divorcee, she might be so and so. If you wear short clothes, questions would be raised on your upbringing, your character. You are even labelled by where you stay like the G.k. wali aunty will get different gift in Diwali than the Patparganj wali aunty.

That day too, it happened the same when my friend Farah came to my place. Tears were rolling down her cheeks, she felt feeble and weak. She was pregnant and came from a broken live in relationship. Without even hearing her side of story, my aunt labelled her as “that type of girl” (I am yet to figure out what her that type means) and asked her to leave. I, as a coward didn’t even defend my friend and did not even bothered to know where in the night she would go simply because I didn’t want to get labelled too. I am still living in that guilt of not supporting my friend when she needed me the most.Read More


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