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Are we breathing the right air? #CleanAirBeautifulHomes ,Royale Atmos

Being a parent, the health of our baby is our utmost priority. And being a first-time mommy, I was extra cautious with my baby. I didn’t let anyone touch my baby without washing hands, dusting of entire house twice a day was a norm, I religiously followed. Even after being a hands-on mom, my little munchkin was down with cold almost every month. Despite maintaining so much cleanliness, washing his hands, not taking him out frequently he was falling sick repeatedly. The horrifying moment was when his pediatrician declared him a case of allergic asthma and what came as a bigger shock was when she told me it is because of the pollution. POLLUTION!! I was like how could even that be possible. But, it was the question of my little soul’s health. I pulled up my sleeves and searched every possible thing that could be the cause of his allergy. And I learned there were so many monster pollutants living in my house right under my nose. Yes, if you are the one who thinks only that blue spray is enough to clean up the dust in your house, think twice. Indoor air pollution is more harmful than outdoor. Indoor air pollution is second biggest killer after high blood pressure in India.The World Health Organisation (WHO) has prescribed 20 micro grams in cubic meter (ug/m3) of air for particulate matter as a norm for indoor air pollution. But here in India , we don’t have any prescribed norms. Here are some of the most overlooked indoor pollutants which we are not aware but are secretly affecting our health :

The one that top the list starts from our kitchen, our most inefficient cooking and heating practices produces high level of indoor air pollution. Yes, your very own fried snacks produce carbon monoxide, polyaromatic hydrocarbons which have adverse effects on health. Carbon monoxide stops your body from using the oxygen it needs to work normally. You may experience tiredness, headaches, dizziness, nausea, confusion, and a fast heart rate.

So, what’s the solution ?

Timely cleaning of chimneys, having proper ventilation. Also, do not use combustion appliances without vents inside.

The second is Indoor bio aerosol. Did you even think about it ever? They are the natural particles of plants, animals’ origin suspended in the air. They consist of fungi, pollen, plant fibers. Major indoor sources for bio aerosols at residential homes include your little cute pet, house dust, organic waste, as well as the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system. Bio aerosols have been revealed to cause certain human diseases, such as tuberculosis, different forms of bacterial pneumonia, measles, and gastrointestinal illness.Bio aerosols are also associated with some non-infectious airway diseases, such as allergies and asthma.

So, what can we do?

keep a check on organic waste. There are various organic products in the market these days. Switch to organic soaps and organic cleaning ways. Lucky, we, there are plants which improve the air quality and produce oxygen like snake plant, bamboo palm, peace lily. This will not only improve the air quality but will also help in beautifying our homes.


Natural Cleaning with Lemons, Baking Soda and Vinegar

Few organic ways I use to clean up my house , Picture Courtesy :

The third that hit the list is Volatile organic compound such as air freshener we use to mask various odor, varnishes, the spray we use to clean our furniture, and yes, the deodorant we keep on spraying, dust mites in our bedding and most importantly our walls on which our house is made. A thin layer of dust particles keeps spreading on the wall which we breath day in and out. It can cause irritation in our eyes, nose, and throat. Using long term, it can affect our kidneys too.

So, what can we do?

Keep your carpets clean, put your mattress in the sun so that the germs can die, limit the use of deodorants and sprays.

Apart. from using the organic ways and planting the plants that help in curbing pollution, I am switching to  Royal Atmos by Asian paints. Royale Atmos is a first of its kind paint that not only looks beautiful, but also cleans the air making it purer than before. It’s Activated Carbon technology reduces harmful pollutants from the air. Additionally, Royale  Atmos also absorbs select household foul smells to make the air fresher.After thorough research, I found that Royal Atmos reduces formaldehyde levels by 80-85% in 24 hours under standard test conditions. It will continue to reduce formaldehyde for up to 2 years post application. As it reacts and reduces formaldehyde, the pollutants does not remain in the wall.


Don’t believe me ? Check out here  why you should switch to Royale Atmos.

How Royale Atmos Works


So, if  you don’t wish to spend your life in inside your home like this :


Switch to healthy ways and surely not to miss is

royal atmos


So, this festive season, along with breathing the air without pollutants, I am going to bid adieu to my little munchkin’s allergic asthma and also at the same time will beautify my house.

What are your ways to improve the air quality in your home ?





2 thoughts on “Are we breathing the right air? #CleanAirBeautifulHomes ,Royale Atmos

  1. Wow..This is such an eye opener. Mansi ive actually seen u and moms like me struggling for this Extra hygine. But surpisingly see we dont know our enemies.

    Thanks for introducing me to this new tool. biggg Thanku for this my SuperMom.

    i know if u Say it, its worth it.


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