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Wipe Away Your Winter Woes: Skin care for lazy mom’s

There is so much about winters that I totally love, you know that hot cuppa of tea, pakora, foggy beautiful mornings. When I get chance to dress up in those scarfs, boots, oversize coats and not to forget is my kiddo’s winter break that let me snuggle for longer under that cosy blanket. (Okay I know how it feels when kids stay at home all day, but you know this freezing December chills). It’s also a season when the mommy in me get super active with her home remedies so that the cold bug doesn’t get on my child.  Is that all winter stories are about ladies? No! No! there is one more thing about the chills, as the mommy in me get super active for her baby, the girl in me become a big lazy bird. Behind those oversize coats is the freezing me who hide her dull rough skin, after that exhausting day my face stop to cooperate with water. And yes, that dry, itchy skin that accompany winter, Uff!! How much I hate it. Every night I take a pledge that tomorrow will be the day when I will feed my skin with care but sadly that tomorrow is still in queue. All of us have a same story, isn’t it? we are so casual when it comes about taking care of ourselves. For us, we look for quick solutions, those chemicals filled products that promise to give flawless glowing skin but end up with giving big holes in our pockets. By the end of daily chores, we are barely left with any energy to take care of ourselves. But Holla, I just switched to some quick home remedies to take care of my skin, this winters.

Recently through mycity4kids live chat session with Suparna Trikha, I got to know so many tips and tricks to take care of the skin. I was glad to know she addressed every skin related issue that we mom’s often look for and the best thing that I liked about it was that I managed to do all those things while doing my daily chores and every ingredient I could fetch from my kitchen.

So , here are the tips and tricks that I picked :


Mamra Almonds

Mamra Almonds

The 1st thing is the diet, you know eat right to stay right. No matter how many amounts of lotions and potions we apply, if we are not feeding ourselves the right nutritional food nothing else can help. All we mommies fill our kids and ourselves with so much of dry fruits but are we eating the right kind of? With market filled with so many options and a new advertisement coming up everyday we often get confused but Voila! mothers anything other than Mamra and gulbandi almond is not of much use. Why Mamra and Gulbandi, well they have two unique features, softness and richness in oil. Also, it is made available to consumer in most natural way. How to identify? Well, since they are not processed they don’t have a proper shape and some of them are sour as well. Apart from dry fruits, fetch lot of spinach, oranges. We know so well; seasonal food never fails.



Gulp , gulp & gulp

Water, water everywhere and still we don’t gulp: The Ambrosia for our body. The mother of all beauty tricks, absolutely free but we are lazy bee. Nothing else can replenish our skill cells better. A perfect way to delay those fine lines, wrinkle and ageing sign. The health authority recommends 2 litres of water every day. So, swig, swig, and swig more.



aloe vera

A spoon of beauty

The Third hack is Aloe Vera: plant of immortality as the Egyptian’s call or the wand of heaven as American’s call. Grow it, plant it. It will not only beautify your balcony but will make your skin glow. It has healing properties and is well known for that soothing and acne free skin. Cut it and apply a gel on your skin, while cooking or doing any of your chores. it wont bother you at all. It can treat your burns and wounds, it act as moisturizer, it will reduce or acne and yes those fine lines. What else you we can ask from this cactus family?

Papaya: Eat some, apply some. A little ripe papaya on your skin help you to remove that layer of dead cell giving your fresh, subtle, and glowing skin. It reduces the blemishes on the skin. How? Well, papaya has papain, an enzyme that acts as a mild exfoliator.


Eat some, Apply some

Last in a row is,

Cucumber & Potato Juice: This is one thing I totally swear by. Less sleep, too much of screen time was giving me those under eye circles. Applying few drops of cucumber and potato juice for 15 days had really helped me.

So, what are you waiting for mommies, head on and use these tips to wipe those winter woes and Share if you have some more tips.

And don’t forget your feedback act as a fuel to my writings, so I am waiting to hear.







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