A2Z Challenge 2019 / Poetry / Relationship & Stories


Let’s be strangers again and
pass through the same old lane,
I will pretend as if I didn’t see you
You, My Love!
look at me in the same way you did, with the same glint in your eyes.

Let’s take it from where it began,
let’s meet at that café again and
get hooked over the same coffee yet again.
Let’s be friends,
and share the same laughter.

I will fall in love with you over and over again,
breathe by breath,
pulse by pulse,
gazing at the stars above,
lying in your arms, baring my soul.

And just then you look into my eyes,
and hold me tight, kiss me like
there is no tomorrow
devouring every ounce of me,
this time till eternity.
Let’s reignite the same fire again.


P.S. This is my eighteenth post with letter R, #BlogchatterA2Z 2019 challenge. Everyday through out April I will be posting poems under my series “Because I love you”.



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